Quality and Certifications

Being certified EN ISO 9001/2008 dal 2001 since 2001 we boast a quality management system that involves all employees from supply to delivery, through all stages of processing, ensuring all our customers’ expectations.
We boast of controls in process and final supported by both management information tools that measuring machines with air-conditioned halls. With the use of the “GALILEO” management system, every detail is handled with a production order with a processing cycle that guarantees traceability at every stage and after the delivery.


We have the following internally:

  • n. 1 Coordinate Measuring LEITZ REFERENCE Xi – C.N. – Axes Stroke mm. 1000x1200x2200.
  • n. 1 Coordinate Measuring Machines COORD 3 – C.N. – Axes Stroke mm. 700x550x400.
  • n. 1 Coordinate Measuring Machines COORD 3 – C.N. – Axes Stroke mm. 1.200x900x700.
  • 3 altimeters Eley and Warren mod. Vertex h = 800
  • 1 Nikon profile projector
  • 1 Roughness measurer HOMMELWERK
  • 1 Fixed hardness testers for Brinnell hardness control and Rockwell
  • 1 Portable hardness tester ERNST for Vickers control, HRC Rockwell and Brinnell
  • 1 Recording equipment for MAGNAFLUX control MAGISCOPE 3000 type
  • 1 Air-conditioned room for primary instruments and high precision controls

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